How to verify your Paysilk account

The steps to verify your account are very easy and do not take much time.
To verify your account, do the following:

A- Personal information
Enter your identity and address information

B- Personal identity verification
1- Your Identity Must be high quality and readable 100%.
2- A selfie with your Identity by your (SmartPhone).
Do not use a photo editor and do not cover any part of the documents.

C- Business verification
1- Upload a copy of your Company's documents.
2- If you are a freelancer Or Webmaster Upload your address documents.


  1. Can You Accept Verification Pakistan National Idc.

    1. Hello , Yes , We accept Pakistan National ID

  2. Hello sir, can i change my paysilk account name?

    1. Hello , Yes , you can change your Paysilk account name.
      read here :

      and you can contact support

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